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365 #172 - #176

#176 – Air Support

365 #176

Another shot from the Springer Fire in Lake George; this one taken from within Lake George. This shot kinda breaks the rules, shooting into the sun, and I certainly got "better", clearer shots of this plane away from the sun, but I liked the composition of this shot once I converted to B&W and played with the sky color saturation a bit.

#175 - Trouble Over Lake George

365 #175

After our excursion into the high country outside Buena Vista, we stopped into a restaurant to eat. I dug out my iPhone to check the status of the Arkansas Fire outside Lake George that we had passed on our drive out. Good news: that fire was fully contained and pretty much out. Bad news: that day a new fire, the Springer Fire, started in 11-Mile Canyon, a few miles outside Lake George, and this one looked to get much bigger, with dry, high winds fueling that day.

An hour or so later we'd be back on the road towards home. We stopped at the rest area atop Wilkerson Pass, and that's when we got this clear shot of how big the fire was looking to be...

#174 - Sunset Over Horn Fork Basin

365 #174

Why I love camping in the high country...

#173 - Horn Fork Basin

365 #173

Looking up into Horn Fork Basin, where we'd be camping and hiking for the weekend.

#172 - Mount Yale

365 #172

Was up in the backcountry for a long weekend. This is a shot from the first day, after we'd gotten up into the basin, looking back toward Mt. Yale.

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