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365 #184 - #188

#188 – Fleet

365 #188

Played around with a couple old photos tonight that I had previously deemed unworthy to bother with (yet, for some reason, hadn't deleted). This was a shot I took of the US Postal vehicles parked outside their downtown vehicular maintenance facility as I made my way to work one day.

#187 - The Hikers

365 #187

My trio of hikers, up by Kite Lake. As you can tell, Marisa was very excited that I was pointing the camera in her direction. :)

#186 - Peek-a-boo!

365 3186

My dog, Cosmo, eyeing me from behind a pile of blankets.

#185 - Quail Lake

365 #185

My intended shots tonight were to be of the bicycle track races, but they were canceled because of the rain and lightning. So we ran a couple errands while we were in town, and by the time we accomplished those, the weather was perfectly nice again, so we decided to finally go check out Quail Lake, and luckily I had my camera with me because I had planned on shooting the races.

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