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High Country

Trail to Mt. Democrat, above Kite Lake in Buckskin Gulch, outside Alma, CO.

Trail to Mt. Democrat, above Kite Lake in Buckskin Gulch, outside Alma, CO.

I took this shot a couple weeks ago, while hiking up there with my girls.  We didn't hike very far, as we didn't get up there 'til mid-afternoon, and the typical afternoon stormy weather moved in shortly thereafter.  We still had some fun hanging out for a bit up above timberline, though; got in a little hiking, I took some photos, and the girls set about gathering rocks and stuff.  On the drive back down to Alma, we detoured off into the Buckskin Cemetery, which I've always been curious about.  If I think about it next week, I'll write a separate post about that; pretty cool little mountain cemetery.

Anyway, I'm planning to be up there again this weekend, this time with the whole family (Karen was back in Wisconsin last time), so it got me to thinking about it and looking at those pics again.  I'm actually thinking about making a run on Mt. Democrat with the whole family, as it's supposedly very doable even for young kids.  It'd be their first 14er!  Nothing's ever definite with the whole family until the day of, though, so we'll see how it goes… :)

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