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Rants Are Back

Yes, my rants page is back, after a long absence.  I had disabled it for a while, for a couple of reasons: 1.) this site was kind of in hybrid mode for a while, doubling as my professional (photography) site, and I didn't want to be spouting off political crap here that might offend potential customers, and 2:) I really didn't have shit to say for a while; or rather, I was just lacking the ambition to say it.  I've separated out my business now, though (aside from still posting studio rental info here), and I've been feeling more like writing something with a little more depth than a typical Facebook post, so I decided it was time to bring it back.  Also, I decided that if I offend somebody, tough shit.  I'm not going to silence myself to secure business.  If my opinions bother someone that badly, they can move on to the next provider.


When I last left you here, my then-recent posts were voicing support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  My tune's changed a bit on that front.  I still support what they originally stood for, but at this point, I wish they'd just go away.  They accomplished, and are accomplishing, absolutely nothing.  Say what you will about the Tea Party, and god knows I hate them, but at least they progressed, took things to the next level to try to affect the change they hoped to see.  The Occupy movement, on the other hand, with its reluctance to get involved in politics, be it supporting major party candidates or running their own candidates and/or own party, makes itself absolutely powerless and easily dismissed by those whom they're protesting.  Who, exactly, is quaking in their boots over the threat of Occupy Wall Street?  It's time to shit or get off the pot, guys and gals...

Anyway, more to come, though I'm sure I'll still be fairly sporadic.  Just take it as it comes, and hopefully I still have a couple readers left that will actually notice. :)

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